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How to add WoW custom vendors and items ect. (Reaper Mangos, any patch i think)

Posted by Flambé on 24 January, 2008

I can see this is my most viewed post on my site so I Will be updating it as soon as I’ve got my compiled MaNGOS stable and released it. I may comlpetely remake the guide for my compiled MaNGOS and rerelease it when it’s ready.

This will be remade in the new year.


FULL CREDIT to Alpha136000 who made this guide

Have you got some custom items or vendors or something else that you want to put onto your private server? Well, here’s how:


World of Warcraft… dur

WORKING reaper mangos server

the .sql file of your custom item

navicat lite


1. Open up navicat and click trial if the option comes up

2. Click on Connection (below File) and enter in


for the username and the password is what you chose when configuring MySQL (also make sure that its the same port as when configuring MySQL) and click OK

3. On the left hand side of navicat your connection should come up. (If you can’t see mangos their, right click the one you see and click Open Connection.) Then right click mangos and click Open Database.

4. Right click mangos again and click Execute Batch File and then the … to the right of the blank box.

5. Find where you saved the .sql file and open it

6. Click start and it should finish almost instantly.

7. IMPORTANT: If it says unsuccessful your custom whatever it is WON’T be in-game. If you got sent the file via email or IM or something similar, it most likely WON’T work. If it doesn’t contact the person that sent you it and ask them to copy EVERYTHING in the .sql file on their computer and paste it into an email or IM and then you should copy it all over to the .sql file on your computer and replace EVERYTHING and save it. Redo steps 3-6 and it should work.


Go to if you want to createm custom items, vendors, armour, bags and jelwery!


71 Responses to “How to add WoW custom vendors and items ect. (Reaper Mangos, any patch i think)”

  1. sprite said

    MaNGOS database Editor

    Quest Editor, Creature Editor, GameObject Editor, Item Editor, And some small features

    easy and fast …. even a newby will learn how to make those things 😛 …

    the things y wanted to ask u is if how do u edit spells? .. and don`t tell me with navicat or sql tool cause heck it`s damn booring :))

  2. steveya said


    Thanks for the link, I’ll add it onto the post. I don’t know how to edit spells :(, if you ask Reaper-x via email or comment on his site he’ll probaly say navicat or something. So sorry …


  3. sprite said

    man thank`s … y emailed reapear a long time ago .. didn`t answear my emails so y droped it 😛 …. and yes y know how to edit some of the spells there .. y mean teleport spells … but onestly it gives me a very big headake when y see on the spells only numners and numners and more numbers and nothing to give me at least a clue 😛

  4. steveya said


    yeh, sometimes reaper-x doesnt reply to the emails you send him, other times he does 😛 … numbers and numbers… so confusing… lol 😛


  5. Alpha136000 said

    Hey i was the one who teached u this =) lol xD BTW to be more specific get navicat lite

  6. steveya said


    Ok, I’ll put full credit to you now and get them to download navicat lite 😛 lol


  7. Alpha136000 said

    note: dont make your item to big like 999999 dmg or your server cant handle it and your item templates will get errors

  8. Alpha136000 said


    Dont even think abt editing spells lol. If it goes loading spells on mangosd.exe or somthing it will come up with error.

  9. dom said

    im having difficulty just geting the server up onto navicat…im useless can some one explain that bit in more detail .

  10. sprite said

    use sqllite

  11. Avo said

    Hey, i got all this good and clean but, when im executing batch file it always is unsucsessful, what do i use for encoding?

  12. steveya said


    open up the .sql file with notepad or something and make sure theirs no paragraphs, e.g its not all connected together. Make sure it is and then retry execucting the batch file.

  13. Jonboy said

    I am running Mangos 5225 and it would seem to work with eather.

  14. Jonboy said

    I am running Mangos 5225 and it wouldn’t seem to work with eather.Steveya do you mean its good to have paragraphs or not?

  15. steveya said


    its not good to have paragraphs

  16. Jonboy said


  17. steveya said


  18. sprite said

    stop using the websites to make custom weapons .. u get a extra table in the sql and eventualy it will crash … use quince for making custom stuff

  19. steveya said


    you learn something new every day,

    BTW everyone reading this, i may be compiling my own MaNGOS soon when i reinstall WoW, if i need to reinstall it so stay here for more info…

  20. JimiF said

    #sprite adds to item_template, which iirc, already exists. Personally I use quince, but I can see why some people would prefer the website.

  21. Remar said

    where do I find this Quince and is it compatible with 2.4.2 ? I found editors that do work with the latest patch, but the all the sites want you to be a paying member.

  22. Remar said

    duh….lol…I found your link……sorry ’bout that. Oh and its called Quice…

  23. steveya said


    no problem, just incase you haven’t noticed on their site, it doesn’t need you to even be a member or pay for it. It should be compatible i think becuase it runs with mysql not the mangos

  24. james said

    when you add a vendor a item like .vendoradditem id x
    how do you make it so when someone buys the item it give’s
    them like 5 insted of 1

    pleace email me at and tell me

  25. robin said

    How do i do that for ArcEmu ?

    I have hamachi, ArcEmu, HeidiSql, and Navicat.. But i dont know how to do it.. I have my custom item as a Sql-script… where to put it ?

  26. steveya said

    #Robin and James

    I replied to you both in your emails (James much earlier).


  27. Xspence said

    Great way:

    its free, just have to make a quick account…

  28. MinD said

    well i have the same problem as “robin”

  29. Flambé said


    I sent the answer to your email.

  30. MinD said

    ty v much

  31. Flambé said


    No problem.

  32. wow-killa said

    i got a error : SQL Error: Duplicate entry ‘32830’ for key 1

  33. Flambé said


    Is the .sql file you are trying to impliment in a “working order”?

  34. niceo said

    look i add i file in my vendor with .npc vendoradditem 1 . and when i shutdown my serv and open it again the item is gone..?

  35. lorht said

    Found it? and i also wanna know how to make stuf unclickble like doors that its just for the show and not for the use? anyone know how to do that XD?

    • Flambé said

      The only ones I can find are save and saveall. Try them.

      And I think the door thing would mean editing the world itself which I don’t know how to do yet. The best I can suggest is spawning objects in front if it to stop people getting to it.

  36. zekoy said

    which command are it to get your custom vendor ingame? 😀 happy for answer

  37. JD said

    Could someone plz! Tell me how to do this (add custom items) with out useing navicat or anyother program like it… Plz!!! I don’t have the internet besides a cell phone and my trial has ran out 4 navi so I think I’m screwd… Someone plz tell me otherwize… Ty.

  38. Thalor said

    I heard you can create a unlinkable, unlookable, unaddable item unless you know the EntryID, would anyone mail me how to do.

  39. Krchmarus said

    Dudes, Quince is no longer to be found on net, so I guess it’s was a failure. WoW-V is the best.

  40. Lazaro said

    awesome issues here. I am very glad to peer your post. Thank you a lot and i’m looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a mail?

  41. Ares said

    Ok, so I keep getting a Statscount Error. Any idea how to fix it? And its not statcounter its statscount.

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